Ready For Growth? Our Services Include . . .

Executive Briefings on the Internet Commerce Market: Often the best first step is to step back and look at the big picture.  SYKGroup can provide your company’s top executives a customized briefing on the state of e-commerce in your industry and related industries.  Sam Kim has briefed dozens of executive teams in this way, answering and exploring their many questions about Internet commerce and setting the stage for strategic plans to be developed for their companies.


Investment and Growth Strategy: An in-depth look at your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, both in e-commerce and in a wider business context.  We help formulate the relevant time based investment and implentation plans.


Strategic Planning Session Facilitation and Workshops: The larger your company is, the more important it is to include all relevant stakeholders in the strategic-planning process.  It’s also essential that the process not be biased toward any one group . . . which is why a knowledgeable “outsider” is often the best person to lead these planning sessions.  With SYKGroup’s decades of e-commerce and multi-channel experience, we’re ready to step into the facilitator role with you.


Customer Experience and Capabilities Assessments: As customers and prospects embrace more and more channels for interacting with your company, how can you ensure a consistently satisfying experience for them?  SYKGroup can help you discover not only their “cross-channel expectations,” but also the issues your organization needs to address in order to meet those expectations.


Organizational Design, Alignment and Change Management: Even if your organization has operated across multiple channels for years, its structure may not be ideal for the e-commerce-driven future that’s fast approaching.  SYKGroup helps clients align their people, processes and technology to ensure that maximum growth goes hand-in-hand with the ability to manage it as efficiently as possible.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Metrics Development: The larger and more functionally diverse your operations are, the more likely it is that different departments are focused on different goals.  Or, different departments will often use entirely different metrics from one another to track their progress toward the same or similar goals.  SYKGroup can help your company identify these inconsistencies in reporting, and develop a standard set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for use across multiple, related departments.